Friday, 16 December 2011

Perfect Day

Rain, sleet, snow, a punctured front (bicycle) tire, water temperature of 39F/ 3.8 C, 2 lengths of the Lido, 20 minutes in the sauna ... a dive and a width, a shower = the day couldn't have started any better!

And it continued in the same vein: a neighbour popped by for a bit of TLC and I was able to offer him an espresso, made from freshly ground "Organic Monmouth Espresso blend" beans! I kept him company with another shot which I made into a delicious latte!

It was so dark at the Lido this morning when I arrived
that I quickly put on the flash to catch Stephanie jumping back in after her sauna

Once she resurfaced she quickly ran to get her towel.
"The air temperature (1C) was colder than the water this morning!", she told me

Vince was sheltering in his cubicle,
deciding when to launch his attack (on the water)

still no movement, and all smiles

this one's a bit fuzzy ..
but I like the mischievous look on Vince's face!
he had just asked me: "are we racing this morning?"
"noooooo, I'll try and relax..!"

speaking of racing ...
still in my cubicle, I caught Alex speeding off at the speed of light!

and ploughing through thick water after his tumble turn.
I think he took some photos too after his swim .. better check out his blog later

After his and my 2 lengths,
Vince added on another 3 widths
one can almost "see and feel" the cold water in this photo!?!
or is it just my memory of this morning's experience flooding back into my bones (and eyes)

David checked the water temperature as he always does -
Although one can't really see the mercury in this shot ... he told me that it showed 39F...
who am I to argue with "Mr Thermometer" himself!

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