Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mixed Message

No Mr Bubbles this morning ... in fact when I arrived around 8am there was not a soul to be seen... it was dark, misty and in need of some human injection .. maybe Alex had "another" Xmas party to go to last night?! or is he still hung over from Xmas party no 3?!

After strolling around taking little shots here, there and everywhere ... the usual morning swimmers started trickling in ... Mr & Mrs Ape, Sue, Vince, Nicky (who must have bee hiding in the sauna!) Gail & Wendy, Chris ... Stephanie and Claire also appeared from somewhere .. ahhh yes, the sauna ... which incidentally, got a thorough clean this morning : thank you Simon! - he even cleaned it in his swimming trunks - door firmly shut, without asking for it to be turned off which meant that all the heat was retained!

dark and misty Lido this morning ... someone please turn the lighst on!

keeping each other warm ..
mind you the air temperature was much milder today!

someone even thought of leaving his/her woolly hat behind ...

abandoned or/and redundant ?!

ahhhh, finally signs of a swimmer

Stephanie's friend and SLSC member Claire now lives in Cardiff where
she doesn't get much opportunity to swim ..
well, not in a pool as fantastic (nor as chilly!) as the Lido ...!
She is spending a few days "down south" and simply had to remind herself (and her body!) of what cold water swimming is all about!

Mixed message!
only 4 days to go and Vince decorated "His cubicle"
and yet ... it was warm enough for an ice cream :)

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