Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fishing For Leaves

This morning after the strong (and icy) winds we have had over the past two days ad nights, the the surface of the water was full of dead leaves - NOt for long though once the sun was high enough in the sky and the lifeguards had warmed up a tad, they were soon putting their recharged muscles into gear!

The water felt as cold, heavy and amazing as yesterday - no surprises there - it (only) reached 5.9C according to Stephanie's digital thermometer.

No Kate, no cake ... but plenty of leaves!

When I arrived the sun was still too low to warm up the brave on duty lifeguards (Anthony and Fin) who have been at the Lido (even) before the crack of dawn
and frozen to their bones ...
Anthony made sure that they both got a warm drink down them.

Making my way down the lengths of the pool,
all I could hear was soft verbal moaning coming out of Bernie ...

next "thing" I saw running past
(while chatting to Ian and Vince) was this super fit body in see through attire making a dash for the mens changing rooms
Rest assure he didn't only make my head turn!
but I was first to react and capture the moment (for ever!)

Jane stepping out of the cold water

while Fred was stepping in ...

... making sure his caps and goggles were all in place
before swimming 6 lengths

The lifeguards had the (fishing) leaves net
out for the first time this season

lovely how it catches leaves (as well as the sun!)

Mark almost swimming straight into the net ...
that would have been a great catch!

all in the net ... leaving the pool's surface looking immaculate
Thank you guys!

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