Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December Morning Treat

Coming swimming on a cold december morning at the Tooting Bec Lido offers more benefits than (first) meets the eye!
Yes, there is the lovely crisp air.
There is the beautifully vast expanse of the pool.
There is a superb quality of light... and the appearance of the sun
There the challenge of swimming in water temperature of 6 C .
There is frost on leaves, twigs, the cubicle roof ....
There is the sauna... the laughs, the camaraderie ...
AND, today, to top it all there was a beautifully and lovingly created cake made by cake chef, Kate!
Thank you so much Kate!

Mr Bubbles was already in the pool

leaves and twigs covered in crystals

lovely view across the roof of the cubicles

Kate is in smiling .. before

.... psyching herself up

definitely abandoned ...

the water looks much thicker and felt much heavier

Hilary pushing through the tickness

when orange turns to pink :
Mr Bubbles at the end of his (12 lengths) swim

I wonder whether he tool some under water shots while he was swimming?
we will have to go on to his blog and check!

Kate was having problems with her googles ...

after a quick re-adjustment she was off again

the sun was still making her mind up
whether to fully appear

Sue's morning ritual - each to their own

Hilary making a fist to try and get
a bit of feeling back into her hands...

before (lido) crawling to the steps

Claire arriving full of anticipation

while Jane has already been in the pool,
to the sauna and showered

frozen leaves everywhere

Nick has had enough ...

... he's off the the sauna ... where ...

... today's topic was all about extra-ordinary breakfasts

Kate treated us morning swimmers (who didn't have to immediately rush off)
to a truly extra ordinary feast

No wonder there wasn't much left of her superb
"North American Pecan Cake" creation ...

Fortunately there was a delicious slice left more me!
I simply had to get in for a second (short 2 widths) stint after the sauna.
Sue made her way over to "the cake" and asked whether I was going to dive in ..
yes sure!?!


  1. I love that top image over the roof, brilliant. Wish I'd had time to stay for the cake.

  2. yes, the cake was delicious! next time we should possible have it in the sauna!