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Monday, 12 December 2011

No Frost But Just As Cold

Although the frost had stayed away (today, anyway ..) the water temperature remained just as cold! if not colder?! Stephanie measured it to be 4.9C on her digital thermometer ... whereas David proclaimed it to be 4.5C - I know SLSC members are finely tunes and can (usually) spot the difference in a degree ... 0.4 degrees, however ... I'm not so sure ... :) but you'll agree, specially those of you who swam today, that is was REALLY cold!

Alex came down to 6 lengths - Sue down to 4 - Stephanie swam 6, Vince kept it at 4 (and thought 3 really would have been a better choice!) I kept my distance at 2 lengths ... Overall, I felt ok, if (only) it hadn't been for the finger tips of my right hand ... I would have felt great! They were pretty frozen by the time I got out ... We are promises much colder temperatures for the coming days ... so, who know what this will do to the water temperature?!

Jonathan on his way to the sauna

A crystal clear sky made for beautiful light

Jane making her way into the pool,
armed with gloves and booties

I love the light in this photo of Jane,
the waves seems to be gentle and heavy -
the dead leaf suspended on the crest of an "oil like" wave.

gentle ripple effect

Suzanne all smiles after her stint in the sauna

and on her way to getting dressed for work

tools for all occasions

when I got out of the water I saw the moon
with partly frozen fingers I managed to capture
her - surely on her way out while making room for the sun!

David on his way to get dressed and
ready to lower his thermometer into the water

sign of Margy being at the Lido

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