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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Moon And The Sun

Both the moon and the Sun came out to play again this morning. A welcome scene after the stormy night we had.

after a very rainy and windy night ...
clouds gave way to a beautiful sky.
the moon was still out ...

... while the sun was trying hard to appear ...
some remaining clouds made for a dramatic sky line

which beautifully reflected in the water

I was mesmerised by the reflections

they almost looked like paintings

Jonathan admiring the setting
before getting in for a quick 2 widths

Alex put his camera under water to try
to get Jonathan swimming back

now I'm beginning to feel sorry
for the abandoned goggles...

after my 2 lengths I was (almost) ready to get out ...
but all these swimmers were making their way towards the shallow end
so I just "had to" stay in to grab a few authentic action shot - Mr Bubbles swam 8 lengths

Carl (alias Mr Ape) swam 10 lengths

Vince and I swam 2 lengths together and
while I was taking some shots he swam another 3 widths

Kate (alias Mrs Ape) stayed
in for what seemed an eternity ...

8 lengths in total, she told us lot
who were getting warm in the sauna (when she finally joined us) ... we did wonder
where she might be and started to "worry" .... ahhhhh ... yes, we do care!!

Ian was motoring up and down in his wetsuit ... and additional neoprene socks
which he tried out for the first time today ...
all he needs now are gloves ... you can't be serious, Ian !?!

sadly, I won't be able to come swimming tomorrow wednesday ...
so I am banking on you, Alex and Mr & Mrs Ape, to keep me in the loop of what's happening at the Lido!!


  1. Lovely photos Elizabeth and thanks for the mention. Unfortunately the Apes will be absent from the lido tomorrow as we are both working :(

  2. Gorgeous pics Elizabeth. Yes, sad but true the socks have been added to the neoprene defence line. After my 10 lengths I suspect I'd be crawling to the sauna without them. Did do a width completely neo-free afterwards & confirmed my suspicions that everyone else is nuts!