Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Xmas Is Upon Us

After nurturing my cold all day yesterday, and feeling a bit better today, I simply had to be back at the Lido this morning - no frost, no parts of the Lido iced over, no dramatic sun rise.... but a rising sun all the same and what a welcomed treat that is!

Xmas theme was dotted around the pool - a sure sign that it's not long now before Xmas is truly upon us - only 5 more days to go .... hard to believe!
With my cold having moved from the throat to the nose and forehead I did the wise thing (or should I say the "less fooling" thing) and swam a couple of widths rather than sticking to lengths for the first time this season ... concentrating on not putting my head too deep in the water was strenuous and took away from the usual pleasure of swimming ... but swim I did!

same door as last year
same snowman as last year!

more Xmas decoration in the caf

keeping warm is the name of the game

Fred hesitating ever so slightly!
he hadn't been to the Lido since last thursday and was feeling the sharp drop
in temperature!

While Alex, brave as ever swam 4 lengths which, so he says,
helped him get over a slight hang over ...
Xmas party no 3 for Alex and "this one was the best one!"

Martin and his daughter Natalija arriving,
watched by Chris

Sue leisurely swimming a width head up breaststroke (flip flop in her hands)
after her post sauna plunge -
Chris and Sue swam 4 lengths before finding refuge in the sauna

Martin's daughter Natalija hurrying across the width of the pool ...

... and back - well done Natalija!


  1. Thanks for the pictures - Natalija loves seeing herself featured... it makes it all more worthwhile :-)) Martin

  2. You are welcome Martin!
    Natalija is surely a champion in the making! :)