Saturday, 17 December 2011

Thanx To Stephanie

For fear of "having" to repeat myself, I simply have to proclaim: "What an amazing morning!"
Not only because of the irresistible beauty that surrounds the Lido: frost, sun, gorgeous light and magical atmosphere ... it was amazing (to me) thanks to Stephanie's encouraging words which challenged me to keep my swim at 2 lengths in 38F which is 3.3C! Probably a PB (personal best) for me in that water temperature.

Batch setting off with an inspired goal
of swimming 4 lengths

Gail getting warm after her swim

2 Birthdays are coming up ...
happy Birthday Sangeeta and Nicky!

Lifeguard, Fin with the right idea...

... Hot drinks and biscuits!

From one attire to another

Batch cut his intention short ...

... and got out after 2 lengths ....
but he did get in a few more times after stints in the sauna!

ice was forming as swimmers were coming our of the pool...

and leaving an ice trail

at around 9am the sun was catching the metal
flags of the "summer entrance"

more traces of frost

lonesome, abandoned and forgotten neoprene boot ...
which begs the question, why did the owner use them in the first place ..?! :)

high as a kite

Alison and Stephanie having a leisurely chat ... Alison hadn't been in yet .. whereas Stephanie had already swam 4 lengths and was coming out of the sauna ...

Alison, gingerly, making her way into the water
amidst a thin layer of ice on the handlebars and top step

and off on 2 lengths ...
I love the thickness of the water in this shot -
looks like Alison really has to push hard to get the water in front
of her over the black line ...

Stephanie, steaming hot after the sauna
was ready perform a beautiful dive !

no cap ...! but she re surfaced feeling a whole lot better for it!
bearing the biggest smile (ever!) she said:
"I feel like a three year old whenever I come to the Lido."

under water mission

Alison on her way back .... and out
unusual for her to "only" swim 2 lengths ....!
which I interpreted as a measure of caution for myself !
How many was I going to swim, if Alison swims 2, Stephanie 4 and Batch 2?

Stephanie showered and dressed (and still bearing a big smile!) said, without a trace of any after thoughts :
"You can do 2 Elizabeth!"

Ohhhh, can I? ok then ... 2 it was!

Does anybody recognise the Lido Geisha?!

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