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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Winter Atmosphere

It's amazing how quick the atmosphere at the Lido can change during the winter months - When I left my house around 8am the air temperature seemed quite a bit warmer than previous mornings .. no ice on the cars ... I started my bike ride to the pool with the slightest hope that maybe, just maybe the pool would be ice free ?! Well the deep end was and at first glance it even looked as if the entire pool was free of ice .. but no such luck... taking a closer look (probably one with a less optimistic view) showed that the bottom third of the pool was covered with a (beautifully sculpted) layer of ice!
Life guards Antony and Sarah both commented on how quickly things can change here .. even in the span of a few minutes the air temperature can change ... and it's true that a sudden nip (in the air) had come up.

A few minutes later the layer of clouds had thinned and the sun was pushing through ... beautiful! When I came out of then sauna to jump in again, the light was just absolutely gorgeous!

air bubbles under the ice and broken off pieces of ice on top of the layer of ice

Vince walking down to the sauna after having swam 4 widths at the deep end

I placed my camera on top of the ice

and here a view from underneath the ice

and again .. but rest assured my whole body was not underneath ... just my hand :)

Bob, totally submerged doing breaststroke ... before ...

... swimming back to the steps this time doing freestyle

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