Friday, 3 December 2010

Ice Ice Ice

This past night must have been bitterly cold! large parts of the pool are froze over and we for the first time this winter were restricted to swimming between steps along the length of the pool - deep end steps and the next one down - about a third of the length pool. The water was really icy cold specially as the lifeguards keep sweeping the snow of the edge of the pool into the pool!

Pathfinder Jonathan ( not Buckley!) well on his way - he had to clear some ice!

carefully judging his every stroke

here the path was clear - free of ice

most of the pool was ice over - 1st time this season!

same Jonathan running back from the sauna (for more "punishment" :)

I missed his dip ... here he is wet ... seconds before quickly getting changed

Nick's backward plunge

That's more like it Nick

This time it's Jonathan (Buckley) .... playing around ... trying to get into his jumper!

remember to check out the sounds

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  1. I haven't been to the lido for about a month, but I've been keeping up with your "boos" and photos. Today I was up at Parliament Hill Lido for the OSS December Dip (0.1°C). Since I managed that, I don't have any excuse to wimp out of Tooting Bec Lido, so I'll start going there again, and maybe see you there one day :) You might like to try the OSS dip next year: there are loads of people with cameras, so there's no problem about taking photos.