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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Worlds Apart

Will it ever stop snowing? is the question most Londoners ask themselves ... SLSC members on the other hand are marvelling about the wintery conditions and enjoying the Lido draped in snow. Swimming in these weather conditions (water 2 Celsius, air around 0 Celsius) is, believe it or not, truly wonderful, exhilarating and dare a say it, "somewhat mad" ... but only if you stop and think about it :)

Antony and Terry working hard to clear most of the snow - which makes for safer walking, thanks guys!

This may look a touch strange - walking in to 2 degrees Celsius holding your hands above your head ... but believe me : No one is pointing a gun at Vince - he's doing it off his own (good) will :)

Promise you, he's just doing it for .. I'm not quite sure .. what reason ?! I must ask him!

.... and Vince is off on his 1st length

half way up to the deep end...

... he made the first length - snow building up on the water surface - no ice - just snow - he's safe!

and back to the shallow end - rather him than me! swimming two widths was enough for me :)

Batch jumping in after his time in the sauna

That looks ... coooool Batch!

Hilary full of smiles and anticipation

and she's made it - 2 widths - now it's time for the sauna - Lucy has it still all to do

Tricky left his trace

Not sure if anyone will be using this cubicle ;)

last photo before heading back home - for breakfast ...

I decided to push my bike across Tooting Bec Common rather than risking getting pushed off my bike by motorists ...

remember to also listen to THE BOOS ;)

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