Wednesday, 1 December 2010

In the News

Jenny getting ready to come out of the cubicle - gloves and socks are not allowed at the championships ... but Jenny is "in training" :)

It was all happening at the Lido tis morning! A bit of snow and the press comes out in force - we had Jenny being photographed by a photographer of The Independent newspaper as Jenny is writing a piece on "training for the cold water swimming championships" we are hosting on January 22nd. Then we and another photographer, Simon, from The South London Press Newspaper taking photos of Sue (Rentoul) Batch, Vince and possibly others ... swimming ... then he asked: "will someone dive in ... it will make a great shot !" and being a photographer I could only agree and after swimming 2 widths I got out and declare : I'll do it .. but only 1 dive :) I'm yet to see the photo as all I could think of after surfacing was to swim to the steps and get out and into the sauna ...! my hands were F.R.O.Z.E.N. :)

Jenny's every move was captured

another quick pose

and she's in -head up breaststroke this part of her training did pass the test and was according to the championship rules.

lovely Icicles forming on the roof of the cubicles

Ivan was showing his brave side too which meant I was able to document his entry into the water!

Ivan getting ready, he too cannot do without gloves and booties!

almost ready ...

surely not !! Ivan sits down on the snow before getting in ... routine remains routine ... snow or no snow :)

See, not so bad after all .. however, I will let you into Ivan's secret: he wears TWO swimming trunks! well of course, that makes all the difference :)

and he's in!

Ivan made it to the other side .. and back ... two widths - mission accomplished!

snow all around the pool - the lifeguards have kindly cleared a safe path for us so that the snow doesn't compress under our feet as it will quickly turn to sheer ice ...

I caught Mark on my way home ... he was swimming lengths ... I hope no more than 2!

Lifeguard Antony, keeping a watchful eye on swimmers in the shallow end

2 lovely frozen patterns taken with my phone, HTC Desire HD

You can also listen to Ivan and other audio boos of today !


  1. Glad you're all still swimming. I was I'll last weekend so didn't think I should get back in yet and now it's been so cold. Swam indoors yesterday, good to do a proper distance but the pool was hot and crowded. Look forward to getting back into the Lido.

  2. Yes, you must come again Alex! it's such fun at the moment! lots of snow ball fights!

  3. oh me oh guys.......!