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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's Snowing (At Last!)

Can you believe it, November 30th and it's snowing in London. In Tooting. At The Tooting Lido. Tat can only be BLISS! .. for SLSC members!

Brave Braziliean (fer)Nando giving final instructions before getting in

Nando is in and going strong ...

... He's even made it back out in one piece
Nicky getting in - giving me the thumbs up!

Nicky finding the water gloriously warm - she decided to bathe as opposed to swim!

Vince powering up and down the length of the pool .. he actually swam 4 lengths...

... under the watchful eye of Lifeguard, Sarah

Sue can't believe Vince is swimming lengths - she ended up swimming 6 widths which is the equivalent of 2 lengths ... but not 4 :)

Sarah is (possibly !) bemused by it all .. )

Sarah organising more lifeguards

to watch over the swimmers .. so that she too can go for a swim !

Perfect !

1 comment:

  1. Wow! You are all officially crazy ;-) I may be staying with Big Chris at the weekend so I can come say Hi!!!! Not sure I'm brave enough for a swim though!!!