Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Twist my arm long enough

steam coming off the water as the sun was rising

Twist my arm long enough and I'll succumb ... to putting photos up again on "unusual love affair in london" ! :) As you probably all know by now (that's if you have been checking in on this blog .. or if you are a regular lido swimmer) I am doing a regular (daily) audio blog this winter season. It's a lot of fun! It too is quite time consuming ... which means that doing two daily blogs is just impossible ...

However, the weather was so amazing this morning and the photo opportunities so spectacular that I have ended up with quite a large crop of shots today .... so why not share them and spice up a few more people's day, right ?! Besides, I had top Brazilian cook Fernando turn up at the Lido this morning which was a sensation in itself! He too demanded the return of (or continuation of) "The Blog".

So here we go : a few of the shots taken this morning between 8am and 9.30am

Lovely crystals forming on the roof of the cubicles

Bunch of frosty leaves at the edge of the pool

Nando, Sue and Tricky about the get in - the water was around 7 Celsius

and they are off

(Fer)nando on his second length (back to the shallow end)

Frosty flippers waiting for their owner!

Fazlar warming up and stretching before getting in

Sue (Rentoul) and Tricky pushing off heading up to the deep end for their 3rd length

Egg getting ready for his dive

Apparently this is Egg's last dive of the winter ... then it's down to "bombs"!

out and ...

... away

fortunately Aaron was keeping a watchful eye ... ;)

Tricky did survive ... but it was ohhh sooo tough !

Stephen getting ready basking in the morning sun before his ....

... spectacular dive

steamy Chris thought he'd swim 4 lengths but came out the deep end after 3 ... he "couldn't feel his little fingers anymore!"

yes, I swam two lengths too - Sue took the photo

And finally, some photos taken with my mobile phone, an HTC Desire HD - a fantastic toy!

Jonathan and a Tricky - a classical "contre jour" photo - 2 silhouettes

while the sun was rising and getting warmer it made the ice on the roof of the cubicals melt which produce this steam

Chris is swimming up towards the deep end while steam was coming off the surface of the water - magical!


  1. hurrah!! lovely pix, great to see y'all !

  2. Elizabeth - congrats on the audioboo - fantastic. I hope to bump into you some time, but am off working in Cumbria til the end of the month. Managed 7 lengths and a width on Monday...brrr. Bring back the sauna.

  3. Wow, great pictures! It looks so cold back home, I don't know if I'll be able to get in the water again this year.