Monday, 29 November 2010

Invincible Vince

Vince pushing off on his 1st lengths

Monday morning and another amazing sunrise .. the moon , well half of the moon, was even still out to witness the display in the sky... the night has been frosty, yet again... which translated into another drop in the water temperature!

One swimmer, who ignored the drop was "Invincible Vince" - he swam 5 lengths on sunday and decided to do the same today ... 4 lengths and 3 widths which is the equivalent of 5 widths ...without having to either run up to the deep end to get in and end the swim in the shallow end or to get out at the deep end and then run back to the shallow end ... well, more to the point, the run towards the sauna!

Swimming 2 lengths which is what I did was not as pleasant as I had hoped it to be :) swimming back from the deep end to the shallow end I felt my hands freezing up more and more ... to the point where it became truly painful ... more so than on saturday ... amazing what effect the drop in temperature of one degree has!

Vince swimming into the sun ...

... and still swimming in his unmistakably relaxing style

Notice the ripples on the water, signs of that icy wind catching the surface of the water

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  1. Brrrrr.....makes me cold just to look at the pictures!!!