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Friday, 25 March 2011

Here Comes The Sun and Other Things

The sun brings hibernating cold water swimmers such as Bettie and Dr. Andy back to the Lido -and how lovely is that!

I was just lining up my camera to take a head on under water shot of Margy swimming towards the shallow end .. when she suddenly stopped! She got in the deep end and swam her first length of 2011 - She's still not feeling 100% after a nasty cold.

Nick who got in with Margy up the top end
decided to play and float on his back for his second length

Betty is simply amazing and a true inspiration!

Mark geting in hoping to swim 6 lengths...

or maybe even 8 lengths - he started off pretty dynamically

I was behind the ladies changing rooms door lining up a photo through the glass when Lucy suddenly appeared (perfectly framed) just as I released the trigger :)

Life's a beach ... well, so is the Lido!

I had fun catching some arty reflections ...

and other bits and bobs...

... floating around

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