Wednesday, 23 March 2011

One Thing At A Time

A quick swim and some photos before the exciting task of making Soda Bread with Wendy! I love Soda Bread and can't wait to get over to Wendy's Kitchen ... but all good things come to those who (can) wait (more or less patiently!)

So my motto for this morning was "let's take things one at a time ..."

The weather is so glorious that the first point of attention and indulgence simply had to be gliding through "fresh" water, taking in the scenery around the pool and absorbing the wonderful reflections of the freshly painted cubicle doors on the rippling surface of the water!
but before that could happen I was sightly thrown off my usual routine. Instead of choosing one of the cubicles at the shallow end of the pool, I had to alter my habit as the row of cubicles at the shallow end were getting their facelift today. I found an interesting cubicle instead !

The water felt a touch warmer than yesterday's 7 C so, who know, it may have even slid up the thermometer and past 7C ? David has left for a weeks holiday in Madeira ... so we'll never know for sure - up on the black board it did say 8C ...

All change please .. unless your routine is changing in one of the top end cubicles anyway :)

Alfonso was already in the pool

while others were planning their next move - batch and Sue had been for their morning run, "Tall Chris" was catching up on things and Brian and Aaron were discussing how to get the dingy in the pool - Aaron's task was to clean the bottom of the pool

Vince as in trance - swimming up and down -

and when he was finally "done" with swimming - the sun was so bright that Vince could hardly see - mind you Vince swims without goggles which must be so tough on the eyes ...

finally Mr Bubbles got in - he swam 18 lengths - success! he reached his goal of swimming "a mile in march"

Batch in the pool - he swam 6 lengths - he usually used a float between his legs to help balance his sinking legs ...

stretched out Sue

Still Sue - a lovely study of her technique - she really pushed the water away on the final phase of her under water movement

I like that angle and phase too - quite unusual - I don't think I've captured that before.

When I came out of the sauna , Aaron was in the dingy, cleaning the bottom of then pool
- hard work - and he loves it!

and finally I caught sight of more Lido Art before heading off the Wendy's Kitchen to make Soda Bread

Make sure you check out the step by step guide to making Soda Bread!

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