Saturday, 19 March 2011

Everybody Is Loving It

What a glorious day .. finally! Everybody had a bounce in their step and an even bigger grin on their face when I asked them what they thought about the weather.

Sue Miler loving her swim - she even extended it by half a length and had Ines transfer her flip flops from the middle steps down to the shallow end!

Kate coming out of the cubicle with her newly purchased training fins

ad setting of on her first ever attempt with fins

straight into the sun - surrounded by lovely sparks

reaching for the end .. well not quite .. as she

... off again on another couple of widths

here she is pushing off just about to start her first arm movement

Kate's technique is getting better and better - amazingly she has only just started swimming freestyle a few months ago

Being married to (little!) Carl Reynolds must have its advantages :)

she told me she's "loving" the new experience of swimming with fins

in fact she's loving them so much ... it seems like she'll never take them off again .. they are coming to the sauna :)

"Hubbie" Carl is not quite done yet ... ( hey, I got him head on !)

pushing off again ...

... but that's it - 1 Mile in 6.5 Celsius is enough!

Peter checking out who else is in the pool

ahhhh yes, Peter spotted this lady .. sadly I don't know her name ..:)
and she too is loving it!

Batch run 10 K on Wimbledon Common (and loving it) before his swim

Vince took his time today - he swam twice - Loving it (of course!)

Jonathan - getting ready...

to set off on a few lengths ... obviously .. loving it! and who wouldn't!
there is nothing better than swimming at the lido in full sunshine ... specially after days and days of grey in grey ... I went in 3 times - that's 2 saunas and 3 swims - finishing on a HIGH is simply the best!


  1. Sounds like I missed a marvellous morning. The picture of Carl is really good, i'm going to have to try that angle. perhaps see you tomorrow.

  2. Cheers Elizabeth - lovely pics of me and Kate. Nice to see you very briefly this morning.

  3. you are welcome Carl - Kate is doing so well - it's great to follow her progress and how much she enjoys her swim!

    C u monday Alex - will look out for your shots on sunday!