Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Quick decision

Although I was in a bit of a hurry this morning I decided to jump back in the pool with my camera after my initial swim. Not that the water felt particularly warm ... I just felt like catching Alex ... I had to be fast .. As I finished my second width after having done 2 lengths I saw Alex powering toward the shallow end .. and this is when I had the idea of quickly getting out, running over to my cubicle, grabbing my camera, jumping back in ... all before Alex had reached the end of the pool ... quite a task ... Alex is such a fast swimmer!

So here we go - shot no. one - just managed to get him... thankfully he was ...

... coming back ...

by the time my camera was ready to shoot again, Alex was out of close range ....
it takes a while before the previous image gets transferred to the memory card and for the camera to be ready for another photo

all was not lost ... Vince was coming along at a gentler pace ...

and in beautiful "total immersion style"

On my way out I caught more Lido Art

yellow and red works well

yellow the first colour of spring to match the Daffodils

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  1. I think you did really well to get that many pictures in a row, I only got one of you. I like the third picture showing my body roll, my legs look almost crossed.