Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Dive Of The Day

The water temperature is certainly moving in the right direction and creeping up quite nicely. The lifeguards measured it at 10C - Can that be a trusted source of information though ..?! where is David? oh yes, he's in Madeira ... must be much warmer there, I'm sure ... but what is the water temperature REALLY here at the Lido?! Let's say it's between 9C and possibly 10C and just get on with it, is what I told myself. Specially as when I arrived around 9.30am the pool was heaving with swimmers! Up and down, up and down the length of the pool they swam ... I set myself the goal to swim 10 lengths in March - But was it going to me today? I only swam 6 lengths yesterday and then stayed in longer as I was also taking underwater shots. I simply can't resist not taking pictures ...! Anyway, today I was going to see how I felt ... I ended up swimming 8 lengths and (again) taking photos, followed by a good time in the sauna and jumping back in for a further 2 lengths. So 10 lengths it was albeit with a welcome interruption :) But I did help Batch make it to his mile! He told me that I pulled him along on his last two lengths and that he couldn't have done it if it wasn't for me ... It's funny because as I was about to push off on my 3rd length I saw someone push off just ahead of me and cross over to "my lane" which meant I had to delay my push off and redirect further left .. I soon overtook that swimmer who turned out to be no other than Batch (I recognised the float he has between his legs!) - All is well, I helped Batch which is great - you are welcome Batch and gratulations on your Mile in March!

As I was leaving Egg was getting ready for his dive ... which I caught spot on

Along came James Cash ... who also performed a great dive ...
but the best dive was yet to come ...

... I asked James to stay in the water and for Egg to dive over him
which undoubtedly made for the dive of the day!

April 1st "Diving Belles" take note!

James is apparently training to row the channel with another bloke

towards the end of my swim I had the pool almost entirely to myself
so I ended up taking pictures of myself

I love the bubbles!

and then there was Jonathan ...

... who soon stopped!

and then there was this lady
(whose name I sadly haven't remembered when we met a few weeks ago... sorry)
she swam widths

in a bikini!

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