Thursday, 24 March 2011

Freshly Painted Trademark

The Lido is looking better and better by the minute - these brilliantly painted doors great each swimmer as if it displayed a big welcome sign!

Admittedly the sun shinning on the doors also adds to the vividness and simply enhances the friendly reception given to each and every one of us the minute we walk through the wiggly passage and out on to the huge expanse that is "The (Tooting Bec) Lido".

the magnificently freshly painted doors (pure trademark) of the Lido

Bridget is back at the Lido! She moved to North London for a few months ... but soon found out that she was missing these necks of woods too much ... specially the Lido - here she is again - easing her way back into cold water swimming - swimming 2 widths was a good start.
welcome (home) Bridget!

Hilary too, was enjoying her morning swim

back and forth she swam ... lots of lengths ...

... and finishing off (in great style) with a few widths thrown in for good measure!

is it an optical illusion, or is Alex less buoyant than usual?

here Alex is dynamically attacking the water - not so buoyant after all!

interesting head on shot of Mr Bubbles - blowing lots of them ..!
you can see why he simply IS Mr. Bubbles
I think he probably blows bubbles for fun as well as creating some with his arms :)

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  1. Not so buoyant today, feeling a bit tired. Love the last picture, especially my jumbo distorted hand!