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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back In The Pool With My Camera

I got to the Lido a bit earlier this morning. Mr Bubbles (Alex) got in just a bit sooner than me ... but of course stayed in much longer than me! Specially as Alfonso arrived too and the two love swimming together ... I did my 4 lengths - I think I could have done 2 more but preferred to take my camera in for some underwater shots - they pool was quite crowded .... :)

Alex got in before me - I was still half dressed when I saw him getting ready to get in -
Alex's routine is sitting at the edge of the shallow end of the pool and to dive in from a sitting position - so I quickly put my hand and camera in the water and caught the moment masses of bubbles were made!

Sangeeta got back in after her bit in the sauna and swam a width - she swims without a cap ... not sure how she does it? :)

It only takes one guess to know who this is :)

Alex and Alfonso - Alex slightly in front

and up the pool again - The shot looks funny as Alex (closer to camera) seems to also own Alfonso's stretched out arm

Pip was also in the pool

So was Vince - fully stretched out, just taking a breath

I tried another head on shot of the two boy racers - a shame I couldn't get Alex more centre frame - my goggles were fogging up at that point and I was lucky to get them at all :)

They hadn't quite finished yet - pushing off again

Vince's "attempt" at butterfly .. :)

A welcomed sight : the water thermometer showing full 7 Celsius ... make no mistake it was still cold - specially staying in the water taking photos! what is pretty amazing however is that the first year I swam through the winter (4 winters ago) the water never sank below 7C and I was only able to do 2 widths - and now 7 feels soooo much warmer and I don't even think about not swimming lengths. Marvels of the body (and mind, I suppose)!

I was joking with David (Mr. Thermometer) when reading the temperature - we both commented on how hot the water had become which made Bernie chuckle! Bernie is amazing - swimming lengths when this is her first cold water swimming season.

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  1. Some really good pictures - thanks for posting them. I love the dive in picture. My left arm is really bad! I like Vince's picture, he always seems so deep in the water when he swims.