Thursday, 17 March 2011

44 Fahrenheit

Today I can give you the official water temperature, taken by David, Mr. Thermometer himself, it's 44 Fahrenheit - which is 6.6 Celsius. That's still nippy I can assure you! I managed 4 lengths and felt great .. wouldn't have wanted to do more though :) maybe tomorrow?!

Whereas others swam many more!

Vince swam 6 lengths. Mr. Bubbles, Alex swam 12 lengths ... he confessed to pushing for another 2 lengths purely because (later comer) Alfonso joined in when Alex was almost ready to get out :) Alfonso swam 8.

Quite impressive ... well, that's if one doesn't take Carl Richard's heroic efforts of yesterday when he swam 22 lengths into account!

I was still chatting to Alex and about to leave when Will arrived - he is a great swimmer too. I hadn't seen him for a while so took advantage to catch a few shots of him - he is tall and has got a very elegant stroke.

undecided on how many lengths he was going to swim Will takes the plunge ...

and set off ...

... at quite a pace

up the first length in no time - tumble turn

time for me to get some under water shots of Will

I like that shot A LOT! Hey, Mr. Bubbles you've got competition ...
well re. bubbles anyway :)

and back up the pool again - I had a hard time keeping up with him :)

Will collecting momentum for ...

his long reach -

I'm not sure how many lengths Will ended up swimming - My hand were getting quite cold from dunking them in the water - the wind wasn't helping besides I was home bound to have breakfast.

I like that shot too - so I had to put it in again ... in case you missed it:) It's also Will

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  1. I like the hand shot, like Thing from The Munsters! I wish I didn't but I'm sure I make more bubbles than that.