Friday, 18 March 2011

Still not perfect

This morning Lido swimmers were greeted by a dull morning with spot of rain and according to David's reading a water temperature of 45 Fahrenheit - so just above 7 Celsius but not quite 7.5 ! All in all not a very inviting situation .. but for cold water swimming "addicts" it will do nicely!
To be fair, to me, the water temperature felt no colder nor warmer than yesterday ( 44F = 6.6C) . Alex on the other hand felt a bit colder and decided to stop after 10 lengths - 2 less than yesterday. I am under the impression that how we interpret the water temperature may very well be related to our general state of mind and body! Any which way I decide to keep it at 4 lengths and a lovely dive + 2 widths after a good time in the sauna!

As I was ready to leave I spotted Mark in the pool again

Sadly, I still couldn't get a well framed head on shot of him while simply sticking my arm and camera under water ... :)

Mark was on his fourth and final length, reaching for the end of the pool.
so I was unable to have another go at an under water shot!

Ann wondered what it was all about!

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