Friday, 1 April 2011

The Lido Diving Belles and Beaux + Vandalism Update

The Lido Diving Belles and Beaux - I was inspired to choose that name on the day as the group formed in front of my very eyes - celebrated April Fools Day 2011 at the Lido with a huge group dive. The mastermind behind this idea was no other than diving enthusiast Sangeeta. She came up with the idea of having as many people as possible dive in the deep end of the pool on April 1st to mark the beginning of the SLSC members new swimming season.
The turn out was amazing and the splash that was created was just as impressive! The event took place as planned at 7.05am - Sangeeta was aware that some keen divers were not able to make it on the day ... shame ... but let me assure you, not all is lost - the good news is that Sangeeta scheduled a second group dive for tomorrow, Saturday, April 2nd at 8.30am ... Everybody is welcome to join in! and as it is the first Saturday of the month, group breakfast will follow - so bring a dish for after your splish!

Here some photos of this inaugurate event - Sangeeta also brought her husbands camera and tripod which we set up - Veronique kindly offered to release the shutter on that camera.
I placed my camera under water for a spectacular shot as well as recording the atmosphere, the post reactions and the massive splash for the boo.

ready ...

steady ...

go ... and ...


and off for a proper swim

Maureen even had time for a quick wave
as she swam past where I was standing

Gail looked a bit disoriented or bewildered
by the sheer number of divers/swimmer around her

Maureen made it safely to the other end of the pool

After his dive, Egg went to inspect the state of the vandalised sauna door

By the way, lifeguard Antony told me that the damage to the sauna door was not (like reported yesterday) the work of a group of kids but one single man (was caught on CCTV) - Fortunately he didn't actually manage to get into the sauna ... who knows what damage he would have carried out if he had got in ...

You can listen to all three audio clips by going to the lidosounds boo

After reporting on the group dive in and once the water had calmed down again, around 7.45am I finally got in myself and swam 6 glorious lengths - I had the pool all to myself before the next lot of swimmers ( the 8am brigade!) arrived.

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