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Monday, 4 April 2011

Big Egg Challenge & A Trip Down Memory Lane

Arriving at the Lido this morning around 8.15am I was just in time to witness Mr. (Big) Egg (and Chips) Designs getting ready for his Big Lido Challenge. He pre-warned me that he couldn't guarantee he would succeed ... but he gave it his best shot.

Big Egg after his Big Challenge

After that (early) excitement of the day, it was time for me to get in myself. No challenge set other than to enjoy my swim and stay in until my hands gave me the sure sign to get out ... what happens is that I can't keep my fingers together anymore and my hands turn into claws which transforms my swimming experience into a less pleasant one. The water temperature was up and David measured it at 11 Celsius today which is a lovely temperature actually. I swam 8 lengths and if it wasn't for the "claw sign" I could have stayed in for longer ... strangely enough my body didn't feel cold, only the sensation in my hands and arms changed which (sadly) made swimming rather peculiar... I still made a "b" line for the sauna where I found Alex - we both established that the water, although in double figures, was still cold and that our bodies get cold at a deeper level and still need to warm up gradually. I noticed that my body started getting cold 5 minutes into being in the sauna before accepting the benefits of the heat and really warming up my body.

On my way out of the sauna I noticed the rather "rude graffiti" that some thugs scribbled on the sauna wall next to the door - It didn't inspire me to take a photo .. so you'll have to check it out for yourselves ... that's if it's still there when you are next planning to come for a swim :)

What did inspire me, however, was to look into what lay behind the door that got kicked in by the vandalising thugs. The door I'm referring to is situated half way down the length of the pool at the end of the first row of cubicles. Once I stepped in, it took me right back to the first time I swam here at the Lido. What lay behind the door were of course the "old communal showers". Interesting, to say the least!

the old communal showers

more graffiti ....

... and some ivy

reverse shot from the first shot - looking back out

I'm sure these images will take a few SLSC members who have been coming here for years and years down memory lane ...

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