Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Synchronised Swimming

When I arrived this morning Mr. Bubbles and Alfonso were already in the pool swimming side by side as they have done for the past few days. Today it looked particularly beautiful with the morning sun shining on their backs as they rhythmically glided from one end of the pool to the other. Never in ahurry just very relaxed .. but make no mistake, they are fast! Alex told me that they were not "racing" today, just "keeping up" with one another. Funny though how Mr Bubbles manages to still always keep his nose that little bit in front!
I also got in and swam -it was lovely - David recorded 14C - The water was still murky but I simply had to try and get the two swimmers under water too! At the end of their swim Alex returned the favour and took a picture of me as I was swimming towards the shallow end of the pool - In trance I hadn't noticed Alex ... but will check out the pictures he took on his blog in a minute!

Alex a fraction ahead of Alfonso
as they both line up for their tumble turn in the shallow end

Pushing off after the tumble turn

as they resurfaced after having pushed off the wall
Alfonso got quite close to Alex

The water was slightly less murky today -
it was still difficult to see whether I got the two lined up in my viewfinder:)

Alex likes to keep his nose just that little bit in front (of Alfonso) !


  1. I like the pictures, especially the two of us pushing off. I do like to just keep a little ahead, Alfonso swims so close there's less chance of him hitting me in the face!
    When Alfonso's on my left he always swims much closer, he breathes to the left and I breathe to the right so going up the pool we can't see each other so well.

  2. The weather looks perfect there today! x