Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eight and Two equals 10!

The rain brought a lovely quality to the water - the temperature was still at around 11Celsius which makes for delicious swimming - specially if one has swam through the winter and was used to swimming in water temperatures ranging from zero Celsius to 7 ... 8, 9 and now 10+Celsius!

I first swam 8 lengths and then two more lengths after 20 minutes in the sauna. Those two final lengths were just magical- my body was still very hot from the sauna. Getting in the water and pushing off felt like I was being enveloped by a cooling bubble that carried me to the other end of the pool and back. I felt strong and for some reason my lungs expanded more than on my first swim (before the sauna). Maybe having been exposed to the hot environment made my entire body more efficient?! But I also wish I was more resistant to the cold water first time round so not to get "claws" after 8 lengths ... :)

before getting out I took these shots.

taking under water shots of people swimming breaststroke
always makes for "funny" photos ... this is Bernie ...

... suspended in water

and then Alex came along ... even he is headless ... just taking a breath

that's better! although Alex won't like his left arm coming across his body like that:)
he is even making a fist with his left hand! I wonder why?

Pip was in the pool when I had finished my second swim

here Pip suddendly notices that she is being framed ... and looked across

Eddie got in just as I was leaving -
I love the wave his arms make as they are extending forward

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  1. Gah - naughty arm! The pool looks quite grubby and dark.