Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feeling Under The Weather

For some odd reason I had not slept very well - I woke up at 4am, it was still pitch dark... not even the birds were chirping ... Anyhow, I got up and made myself a cup of hot water .. but couldn't get back to sleep ... then, around 7am when I usually get up, I felt much too groggy to make it to the pool ... but to the pool I (eventually) went - only a few hours later ... still not feeling 100% - but the sun was out and I was sure that yesterday's glorious weather must have warmed up the water! And sure enough, it had - I didn't know by how many little marks on the thermometer but going by Alex's blog of today, the water was @ 12.5 C.

It was past 12 noon when I got in the water - it may have even gone up by half a degree from this morning...

The water felt nice on my skin, my body was still weak though. I only mustered 6 lengths before I thought it better to get out.

I sat on the edge of the pool, watching swimmers and playing with the camera...

capturing interesting patterns ...

some shots eerier than others ... I happen to love that one!

... and I also love that one!

next came a lady in a wetsuit I haven't seen before

time for another spooky looking shot ;)

and past swam a more accomplished cold water swimmer -
this guy had a seriously good stronke and he was very fast - I sat there, wondering how Mr. Bubbles would have faired against him?

and another wetsuit ... I have seen this man before -
I think he came with his teenage daughter last year - I noticed them because he was drilling her up and down the pool - she also usually wore a wetsuit... today he was on his own.

and then came John, lovely John ...

he also swims throughout the winter -
John and (priceless!)Bridget come regularly around lunch time.
I used to see them every day the first year I started swimming through the winter when I also chose to swim during my lunch break

John is pretty amazing!

I just missed the "seriously good swimmer" :) doing his tumble turn - I only caught the pushing off the wall phase.

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  1. The seriously good swimmer doesn't make any bubbles - he must be fast. Love the reflected doors pictures.