Saturday, 2 April 2011

Take Two Or Even Three

Take two of the diving belles and beaux happened today around 8.30am - The format was slightly different : those who turned up for the dive didn't all dive in together but, still standing in a line at the top end to the pool, we all dived in one by one - Sangeeta had set up her camera again ... this time from the other side of the pool so to have the famous coloured doors in the background... sadly the camera didn't go off :) not to worry, Sangeeta asked us to all dive in again! what fun - not one dive but two dives .. and I thought I'd missed out yesterday by choosing to report rather than to dive :) What started off as take two actually became take 3! I don't have any photos to document the dive ... I may receive some later and will post if and when I have received some.

Further (good) news - the sauna was reopened today! I went in twice ... had some catching up to do, you see! 2 dives, 2 swims, 2 saunas - that can't be bad for a saturday morning!

Also, the traditional ( 1st saturday of the month) breakfast took place -
technically speaking I passed on that ... well not entirely as I was allowed to have one of Wendy's homemade lemon curd muffins ... :)

Alison brought her amazing homemade cup cakes

before getting out after my second swim I took a few shots - here Tom Hudson

and a guy from South Africa, (whose name I didn't retain when I et him briefly in the sauna ...)
who had his first swim in cold water

I caught Tom again - this time from close range

Giles, the newly appointed SLSC president, at close range too

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