Monday, 11 April 2011

Relaxing Swim After A Buzzing Weekend

After a weekend full of buzz - saturday I went to the chocolate festival at the Southbank and yesterday, sunday, I went to the London Coffee Festival at the Old Truman Brewery - it was time to come for a relaxing swim at the Lido - I did of course swim saturday and (exceptionally :)) on sunday too ... but I was in a hurry ... One does of course already get this buzz and rush of adrenalin when swimming in cold water ... and the rush /buzz that followed was of a different caliber! Besides, it's fair to say that the water is no longer cold as such, it's merely fresh (for those cold water junkies who have been coming throughout the winter months!) so the buzz is already different to what we were after in hight of the winter!

With the water temperature at 13.5 Celsius, it really was a delightfully refreshing and relaxing swim!

I swam a 10 lengths, sometimes getting tangled up in the blue tail of the yellow monster that resides at the bottom of the pool and on one length in particular, I got a real fright .. this time it was not the yellow monster creeping up on me .. but Alex, Mr. Bubbles who was waiting at the very bottom of the deep end of the pool ... ready to pounce ... with his camera ... back in my rhythm and almost in trance, there he suddenly was! I wonder whether he got a good image of a shell shocked me!?! his entry of today on his blog is not up yet so will have to check back later!

Pip was swimming up and down as I arrived

I was in the pool at the same time as Gus - who is on his Eater break from school

Doon enjoying her morning swim before going to rehearsals for a play she's in ..

before she swam off again, she told me that it's for a comedy
and that put a notice up when the play opens.

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