Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lido or Riviera?!

What a glorious day - apparently the air temperature is forecast to reach 20C - how nice - that is bound to have a domino effect on the water temperature! Today, it still measured at 11C which felt gorgeous on body and, as always, helped clear the mind!

The pool was quite busy when I arrived around 8.10am

Sue and Margy were powering up and dow .. when the temperature hovers around 10C and only then (!) Margy gets going!

Chris Stanton, freshly back from Rio where he, Fernando, Tricky and another couple of SLSC members swam the "travessia dos fortes" - joined Margy and Sue - from 25 C back to 11C -and according to Chris he felt much more comfortable in our temperatures - although he really enjoyed his swim along Copacabana Beach - check out our stars, they made the news on Brazilian TV channel GLOBO! Time to brush up on your Portuguese!

and now for some (different) pix of the day:

Margy and Sue -
I quite like the opposing symmetry in that shot ( if that makes sense!?!)

Inspired by Mr. Bubbles shot of Sue yesterday, when he commented on her toes (!) I tried to capture them too :) Sue does have broad feet .. now I know why she is soooo much faster than me .. I only have tiny toots!

I met Andrew in the sauna today - he's a stay at home Dad -
he is also in the music industry and has told me about a website he's involved with - sounded great .. but do you think I could remember the web address ?!? :) I hope Andrew remembered the blog's address?! so Andrew, if you have landed on this page, please get in touch and send me the link to your website!

The Lido turned Riviera
Lucy and Doon having a good catch up while Pip has got the pool to herself

and whose are those?

Lucy blinded by the sun as she is (still) chatting ..

... with Doon

and (finally) Lucy is contemplating her next move ...

... of going into trance

how lovely that must feel !

A happy Dr. Andy arriving for his fix

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