Thursday, 22 March 2012

Chin Wagging

Glad I had my camera with me ... no Alex to provide a back up ... I wonder where he was this morning?! Could it be that swimming a mile yesterday demanded a day off ..?! :) Knowing Alex's fitness,speed in the water and strength that would surely not be the case ... I hope he catches up with todays' unusual love affair and leaves a comment revealing his whereabouts!

Chris fully stretched out

.... and getting to the end of a length...
Here Fred got caught up, sandwiched between Chris and Sue ...
Chris and Sue went on the swim 14 lengths !

Tricky joined them ...
Tricky and Sue swimming absolutely side be side -
one can only just see Sue's black costume .. if one looks very carefully!

Nick decided to get in too ...

... and race after them ...

leaving a whirl wind behind him and
disturbing the dead leaves the bottom of the pool

There you go "Mr. Ra", I got the diligent workman in action today ...

and what a great job he is doing!
the fountain will soon be better than new!

Margy has a habit of forgetting her swimming costume ...
today, she is showing off Rixa's!
Having to slip into a damp/cold costume must be a lot of fun ...?!

Alfonso, Batch and Kevin having cool old chat
Alfonso always asks other swimmers how many lengths they have swam
before summing up the courage to get in himself

I was waiting "for ages" for Alfonso to jump in ....
along came Ange, fully stretched out and enjoying her moment in the water

enough chin wagging, Alfonso ...!
1,2,3 GO!

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  1. A day off! Don't worry I'll be back on Friday. Looked like a lovely morning, I was sorry to miss it.