Monday, 5 March 2012


After a wet and rather miserable sunday, the sun made a welcomed appearance - the water seemed and felt colder to me - it was however still at 7C ... same as the previous 2 days.

Peter Ra. in exuberant mood after his 10 lengths and
before heading off to meet some colleagues

After my swim and sauna I didn't feel like getting back in again ...
however, I spotted Pip taking off so I jumped back in to take a shot of him

Nadine was back for her training - 1st length breaststroke,

catching her breath before heading back up to the deep end - this time

... head under

and reaching the deep end before ...

heading back down the pool

well focused on getting there!

On seeing Nadine in the pool, "Big Daddy Nando" decided to take a running dive (which I missed !)
What I did catch, though, was the big splash which (fortunately) just missed Nadine!
Nando resurfaced and was on his way to catch Nadine - they then swam a few lengths together
good work out guys!

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