Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Calendar Dictates ...

... That Spring is (officially) in the air!

the phone camera didn't pick up the cubicle number very well ... but it was my intention to start this day appropriatly with the no. 21 on the very 1st day of spring : March 21 - a bright yellow colour : THE SUN is here to stay for a few days so the weather report ..

Vince swam 8 lengths - at last I was able to match his 8!

Alex going as strong as ever - 18 lengths
I forgot my canon camera this morning so had to use my phone ...
I was tempted to lower it into water .... wouldn't have been the best of ideas ...
for more action, possibly under water shots too? visit Alex's site
there will be another "Elizabeth dive" on it, that much I know ...!

I wondered how the mobile phone camera would cope with the sun's reflection on the water ?
Not as badly as I thought .. sadly the light meter in the HTC desire HD - this is to supposed to be a plug nor a put down! - does let it down a bit ...

Jane stopping for a quick "hello"

More movement around the fountain ..

work is being done...

I kind a like the new look ...

not practical, I guess ... as the fountain does need protection from the elements!
By the way, this morning, "Peter Ra" pulled me up on "being rude" about the workman ...

nooo, surely not! ... however, I'm glad you are reading my blog Mr. Ra!

This is Jonathan ... sorry "Johnny" (Vince calls him that!)
your face cannot be seen properly ... Jonathan also swam 8 lengths this morning -
the water did feel a lot "warmer" and yet ... David measured it at still "only"being 9C -
It's looking promising - a few more warm days and we will be in double figures!

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