Friday, 23 March 2012

On The Lookout

Another beautifully atmospheric morning

Antony keeping a watchful eye

Vince beautifully balanced while taking a breath

Batch's stretch ... which Ken can't quite make head or tail of...

Ken still looking on puzzled ...!

While cycling and swimming partner, Andy
is ready for the cycle ride back to Bromley

Vince transfixed .. no goggles in a (water) world of his own ...

Dylan's got his hands full -
one cup for Antony and one for himself

Who is this Adonis in a loin cloth ...

no other than silk skinned Jonathan ...
I was even allowed to cream his back this morning ... :)
no rumours please ... it was all done out in the open (air)!

After my swim I stayed in to take more shots ...
Sue Rentoul to my right and ...

Fred to my left ...

A closer look at Fred's newly improved style -
he told me that he has now moved on to breathing bilaterally.
One can just see his leading hand enter the water while the other arm is finishing the pull back

Nick had enough after one length and a half ...
he just didn't really feel like a swim today ..

Fiona just setting off

Sue (Rentoul) and Chris cruising along

Chris cutting through the water like an arrow

Sue's back engine

Sue (Brearley) ending her swim in style!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Peter Ra here!
    Having been upbraided by you for not reading your blog I thougth I'd better show you that I am reading it now!
    Thanks for keeping us posted on what the slightly later crowd are doing.
    As for the workmen are concerned they will be glad to see that you have recorded thier work rather than theie teabreaks! I saw some today at Morden Hall Park who were atually rubbing down ironwork before attempting to paint it again! Getting off the rust first is a really good idea unless you want to be back painting it all again pretty quickly. But then why do we need those horrid railings around our beautiful fountain anyway?