Monday, 26 March 2012

Off To Rio

Still nurturing an upset stomach which sidelined me all of Sunday, I arrived at the pool much later than usual ... Nando had just arrived too .. and Mr Ape was just leaving ... Other regular 8am swimmers were relaxing outside the caf, basking in spring sunshine ... what delight!

Nando's exuberant dive and last swim before jetting off to Rio for "The Big Race"
Tricky, Ann, Carl and .... is there someone else going?? are venturing to Rio De Janeiro, Brasil -
should be a lot of fun!

Nando diving in one more time ... for good luck

Nando picked my camera and caught me swimming back towards the shallow end

bubbles of joy

dolphin jump ... starting off ...

and finishing off, down under ...

"do it again, do it again", camera man's oders ...
spot Nando's toes !!

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