Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Warmer Or Colder?

Another lovely sunny morning at the Lido - water felt warmer, according to some .. like myself but felt colder for others ... like Mr Ape .. well, if you stay in for 30 lengths ... you are bound to feel cold ;) Not match time to take photos either ... but then again you can't do it all and with Mrs Ape having to give monday and tuesday morning swimming a miss - she is standing g in for a colleague who is on jury duty - Mr Ape is concentrating on hits training for Rio ... he still did manage a post!

Alex coming to the end of his swim ...
he clocked up a mile

I came bit later this morning
which meant that I was in the pool with Chris and Sue

Chris still keeping his nose in front ...
Sue is edging into frame

pushing off Sue gains the advantage ...
not sure who "won" at the end?
All I know is that Chris and Sue usually put all into their last lengths ...
by which time I was out and warming up in the sauna!

Big Daddy Nando's training session

Chris' unmistakable leg kick ...

the warmer water temperature - David reported it to be 8C -
also allowed me to stay in longer and play a bit more after my 6 lengths ....

which made me discover the Lido's underwater world too

Nando having a short break before tackling his final 2 lengths of the day -
which made it a mile for Nando!

update on the fountain .... front view .. and ...

... back view

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  1. Good news - I'm allowed to work from home on Thursday so I can get an early swim in. Missing swimming and everyone terribly!