Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mystic And Magical

What a dramatic and beautiful morning .... as I was cycling up Tooting Bec Road - Alex had just overtaken me and I was hanging on to his back wheel - the fog got thicker and thicker ... the sun was already out too but only behind a thick layer ... it all added to a very mystical and magical Lido morning!

Jonathan lost in a dream like atmosphere

Michael had his swim in the fog and was now making his way to the sauna

When Alex got in, the fog was slowly lifting

... by now the fog had lifted completely and gave way to the sun -
Alfonso was still not convinced and only contemplating the idea of getting in ...
shortly after I took the shot Alfonso did finally get in ...
He was also waiting for Alex to come back to the shallow end ...
I was in the sauna when Alfonso joined Alex for 6 six lengths to make it a mile (for Alex)

I caught sight of Batch before ...

... Alex came along, bubbles and all ... :)

Batch, Alex and I came out of the sauna together ...
Alex asked: "are you going to dive in or jump in?"
I thought for moment .. how am I going to "improve" on the last diving shot Alex took of me ..?
Oh I know I'll jump over Batch this time .... Alex's camera was not happy today .. it looked like water somehow got into his under water camera .... so Alex took the shot with mine ...
he caught me as I was still on the way up ... my right leg hasn't quite joined the left one yet:)
Before his camera played up, Alex did manage to capture a great shot of the sun behind the fog

Oh, by the way, Mr Ape is in the background of the shot ... he arrived a bit late to capture the action .... you probably all know by now that Mr Ape who firmly assured everybody that he didn't see the point of swimming the channel, changed his mind radically from one day to the next .. he is now booked and confirmed to swim from Dover to France in 2014!

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  1. The Jonathan and Michael pics are really atmospheric. Beautiful light.