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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Noblesse Oblige

A nice sunny day and everybody at the Lido was much happier! Stephanie has a new thermometer which measured the water to be 6.4C .... which made her stick at swimming 10 lengths! Alex wasn't so sure about the temperature ... meeting up in the sauna after our swims - Pip did 4, Alex 12, Vince swam 6 and I kept it at 4 too - we all concluded that the water can't be above 6C! :)
Today I felt great though and after the sauna, turning to Alex , who was also ready to come out of the sauna, I announced that I was going to leap in ... leap year day or not! I felt like it and even leaped in twice .. for the camera's sake!! Alex said he got 2 nice shots ... I'm keen to check them out as soon as they are up on his blog

Vince full of beans and airborn before his swim!

Simon's quick dip after the sauna

Alex pushing off after his tumble turn -
I thought better than to take his 2 feet again!

after my 4th length I waited a few seconds to get Alex under water ...

I was waiting under water to get Alex's tumble turn ...
I was (for once) even on the side where his head would be !
but he stopped ....

... and got out ( backwards!)
I must have caught Alex on his 12th lengths -
he contemplated swimming "only" 10 lengths
but after length 10 he found himself pushing off again for another couple ...
his aim was to swim 1KM which is 11 lengths of the pool ...
"but one can't really get out at the deep end of the pool and walk back ... nooooo so I did 12!!!!"
Noblesse oblige!

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  1. Noblesse oblige is the wealthy helping the less wealthy!