Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fruits Of Labour

The 1st saturday of the month means breakfast time ... at least for some ... while others (in particular Stephanie) just have their eyes, minds and bodies well focused on swimming!

when leaping for joy and for the camera pays of !
quite a few SLSC members made it into the South London Press
courtesy of leap year day

Wendy and Catherine identifying who's who

breakfast will be served ... in just a minute or two

Another superb "Kate Creation"

... which Batch can't wait to get his teeth stuck into :)

Gail brought a "yummieee" baguette which is just about to get a special treatment:
cream cheese and smoked salmon ...

the sight of which brought on a huge smile
on Veronique's face who was more than ready for some food after her invigorating swim

Stephanie (and I) gave breakfast a miss ...
some serious swimming was in order (for Steph)

Steph swam just short of a mile (she did 16 lengths) before getting dressed (no sauna!)
fully dressed she did grab a hot drink then ran around the green to warm up before getting back in the pool for a mile ... Steph's gruelling training, all in preparation for her upcoming channel swim (in 4 months time) is in full swing !!

After my swim, sauna and jump back in to get pictures of Steph,
I headed straight for a well deserved shower

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  1. We made the paper! And you made it twice!! That cake looks amazing as well.