Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Serious Training

Another scorcher at the pool ... sun, no wind and the thermometer hanging on a thin rope in the deep end of the pool still showed 10C ... we are all in for a treat!

some (Chris, Kate and Sue B) are chatting/relaxing while others ...
like Alex are already swimming!
just image ... Kate informed us that (poor) Nando, Tricky and Ann who all shared a mini cab to get them safely to Heathrow for their flight to Rio ... missed their flight ... !
what a bummer!

flip flops, orange camera (and I !) waiting patiently for (orange cap) Alex to return to base

not sure who this swimmer is ...
but according to his cap he took part in our cold water champs!

Kate getting her swim in before heading off
to join the teachers strike march in Central London

stretch this arm ... just a little more, Kate !

Ian (back in his wetsuit) racing Nick on two lengths of the pool

Ian pipped Nick .. who later (in the sauna) reflected on his swim by thinking he has "lost his edge ..."
but quickly readjusted his thinking by adding ...
" the water is still not warm enough for me to get the best out my body"
that's the spirit Nick !

"Lonesome Chris" started off swimming on his own this morning as sparring partner Sue R. was in a meeting about the plans of The Building ...
he swam 10 lengths on his own and added another 8 when Sue finally got in ... which (to Chris' astonishment) made it "A MILE for Chris!!" ... in 10C!
well done, U!

After my swim I jumped back in (more toward the half way mark of the pool)
to get more action - and got another big smile from Kate!

after his "win", Ian was up for more serious training ,
hand paddles and all ...
here, he has just pushed off and is about to pull back for his first stroke

followed by fully stretching out ...
I love the rippling wave the water makes above Ian's body


  1. Ah, only 10 degrees eh? Steff told me it was over 11! Not surprising I was getting cold after an hour! Peter "Ra".

  2. Hi Peter, you finally made it to leave a message - GREAT! thanx Peter! Steph's thermometer is always very optimistic! which keeps her going too! over an hours for you ... amazing !!! and how long in the sauna?!

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. It's always nice to see how my stroke looks underwater .

  4. Peter Ra is trying to post a comment without success again!

  5. I'm having trouble signing in but will get there in the end says Peter "Ra". Meanwhile . . . musing on whether to start another blog rather than be anoyying on Elizabeth's and Carl's and Alex's. Surely not a good idea. mmm.

    Meanwhile 2 .. lets see if I can copy and paste the bit I was trying earlier .. .

    ready . . . [paste] now .. .
    Peter "Ra" here again : I must be taking this swimming too seriously now! First it was changing from baggy shorts to more streamlined cycling shorts, now real swimming shorts on the way. But what next? Now I think I have "swimmers ear" or certianly am getting it. My Earplugs seem to be doing nothing now that I am staying in longer. Steff recommended Proguard custom made and said they were £60 but they are over £100 which made me wonder so . . . I have found that you can buy a kit to make your own from diyearplugsonline. Depending on who you are, you will find the video of an American version at either thrilling or funny!

    O that we could buy a big bag of the two components for earplugs and have an earplug making session up at the lido!

  6. The video link is on how to make your own custom made earplugs.