Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The wind proved to be quite strong again this morning - cycling up tooting bed road to the lido was tough ... even for Alex! The water felt colder too - Stephanie, equipped with a new thermometer recorded an average of 6.5 C - she swam 10 lengths and had the tip of her fingers go numb .. again - She asked me how many I was going to swim: "4 stephanie, 4 is the magic number for me!"

Lifeguards have it sussed out too,
nothing goes without flip flops!

rescued and in good company:
yesterdays infamous, solitary and lost green cap

"Busy Jane" hasn't been able to make it to the pool for 6 weeks ... nothing to do with the wintery water temperature ... so she says - all to do with being (over)worked!

Suzanne and Michael after their swim

play time

Simon lowering himself back into 6C after his sauna

dunking under and resurfacing - that's better!

Jonathan contemplating his options

the fountain was back on today

I like the way the bars around the fountain match
with the division of the doors (in the background)

really? no climbing on the roof of the cubicles then ?!

Jane's daughter came looking for her mum ...
evidence that she is here ... but where?
in the sauna ... where else (after her 1st swim, 2 lengths in 6 weeks!)

sadly it's impossible to prefocus with the phone camera ...
so although I was ready for Alex's mini dive (from a sitting position at the edge of the pool)
I only got his splash and under water glide!
He went on to swim (yet again) 12 lengths
his blog of today isn't up presently - I'm sure it will be up soon though

Vince coming all the way back by his side with is arm

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