Saturday, 10 March 2012

Solitary Swim

This morning I came for an earlier swim the usual - It was 7.45am when I pushed my bike through the narrow entrance - which reminds me ... I completely forgot to sign in today ... so mesmerised was I by the calmness of the place and the water- magical!

Only Sangeeta in the pool and by the time I was ready to get in, I even had the entire pool to myself! I love the flat surface - not a single ripple in sight - I got the feeling that being alone in the pool helped me glide - it surely translated into a moment a pure bliss - I was concentrating on improving my under water pull and enjoyed every single stroke. Forgetting that the water was still only 6.5C according to the thermometer at the deep end of the pool, I kept pulling and seeing beautiful images as I was taking my breaths ... some of these I tried to recreate and capture with the camera after my swim .

when taking a breath I saw a line very similar to the one in this photo

looking up from under the water I got a sense of the sky.

and a "wishy washy" image of the baren trees

the surface of the water with the cubicles in the background ...

by now I was getting cold and ready to get out -
I rested the camera on the side of the pool and this is what the lens saw
I quite liked the low angle the camera was capturing in this position -
it's a perspective we don't usually get to see.

and finally, on my way to the sauna
I noticed Rixa's towel positioned on the table, taking in the view and waiting for her

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