Friday, 16 March 2012

Close Call

I had a quick chat with Stehanie before getting in: "How many am I swimming this morning Stephanie," I asked ... To which Stephanie simply told me that the water was almost 10C ... what??! no cannot be ... Pip who was also there swam 4 lengths ... but she was in a bit of a hurry this morning ... so what will I do ..? I so wanted to up my game ... anyway another quick question : how many did you swim Steph ...?? 26 lengths ...!!! oh my God and I'm deliberating whether to swim 4 or 6 lengths ..! well I am not training to cross the channel .. so no pressure .. only pure enjoyment was on the cards for me! a bit later I hear Steph (2 cubicles away from mine) ask me: " so how many will you swim, Elizabeth?" ... I replied 6 - to which Pip (in the very cubicle next to mine) voiced her opinion : or 8!?! nooo, Pip, 8 would be you swim 4 and I swim 4! I'll do 6 !" once said out aloud it was in then open ... which means committing to it! (well, for me it does !)

at the end of a long swim ...

You'll never "guess" who this is..?
it's Alex forced to a grinding halt ...
by David who suddenly appeared (out of no where) in front of Alex!

Along came Guy ..
not aware of the near collision that so "almost happened" in front of him ...:)

a closer look at Guy approaching the shallow end

end pushing off the wall for another few lengths ...
Guy swam a total of 12 lengths this morning

For those SLSC members who haven't "officially" met Guy yet,
here a quick introduction :
first off, I caught one of his "trademark":
a tattoo in the form of an armband on his right upper arm :)
I sat next to Guy in the sauna this morning and we had a great chat:
Guy lives much closer to Brockwell Lido ... and loves swimming there .. but as so many avid swimmers who can't make do with indoor swimming during the months Brockwell is closed, he ventured further afield and found our great pool! Guy loves swimming here now !

Nick waiting for Chris and Sue to each the shallow end before getting in ...

... to join them for a quick burst!

Alex's camera waiting patiently for his master to return to dry land ..
since yesterday it's not allowed in the pool anymore ...
yesterday's condensation was gone but returned as soon as Alex used his little orange camera ...
he did however manage a few shots ... which he will surely post later.

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