Monday, 12 March 2012

Over To Alex

I "call" myself a photographer ... but today, I was running out of "juice" ...
Getting to the pool I had hardly any battery power left ... I knew that if I was to put my camera in the cold water my battery would seize up immediately .. so I didn't even "bother" ... but I did "perform" a running dive after the sauna which Alex caught on camera ... will have to check it out on his blog entry aater on! I've put a direct link to his blog further down ... he may not post till late .. as he is going for another swim, this time for an indoor KM this evening.

recording the early morning mist, I realised I had no battery power left ...

Just enough "power" to take some shots of Alex -
here he is drying off his beloved camera!
he takes it with him (tucked away in his swimming trunks) when he swims

here it is, all clean and dry again!

Check out Alex's blog for some action shots of the day!

fortunately I was able to take another two photos with my low battery power flashing in the view finder...
Just had to get this lonesome daff ...
she stood proudly and was shining so bright in the morning mist!

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