Sunday, 11 March 2012

Quick Swim

Only had time for a quick swim ... and glad I got one in at all ...I usually have a busy and packed day on sundays ... I was early at the pool too and had the privilege to share the pool with Stephanie who was already powering up and down the pool ...before I got in ... but I did swim with her too .. well, "behind her" if the truth be known .. she is simply too fast! The only time I caught up with Stephanie was in the sauna ..! we had a lovely chat about swimming (of course) and Stephanie's training for her July Channel swim ... she swam 16 KM ( indoors) on saturday and she could still feel the after effects of her training session ...!! then our conversation turned to coffee ... I was sharing with her how I got in to coffee (only 1&1/2 years ago) thanks to my brother's ambition to start a coffee roasting business in Vienna which he is very close to realising. The other day, he sent me some exquisite coffee he roasted in Vienna - a single origin, Daterra Bruzzi espresso from an amazing estate in Brazil and a Yellow Bourbon (also roasted for espresso and espresso based drinks) - Both very different in taste and both simply delicious!!

Lucky that Stephanie loves coffee too ... so, fortunately, I didn't bore the pants off her during our coffee talk ...she used to work in a coffee bar and her "other half" loves coffee too ...!

Fully dressed again, and still feeling the cold from her swim, Stephanie said to me ,"I could do with one of your coffees right now!"

Just before I got in Marie-Anne took off for a quick 2 widths

On my 4th length I felt Stephanie closing in on me ...
I was hoping to get to the end of the pool before her so I could take a shot of her coming ...
It wasn't to be ... she pipped me and I could only catch her after I got to the end and she was on her way again!

Not quite sure what that is ... ?! I think it's "a shark" getting in ...?!

I got out the pool, walked up half way to wait for Stephanie to come back down ...
once she came closer,I jumped in again to take a few more shots

Yes, it was a shark I spotted earlier ...
a very suspicious one at that! eying me up!

Stephanie's great style - really getting hold of the water with her forearm

and a "doodling shot" to finish off before getting out ...
I actually love the different shades and shapes in that photo ...

and then I went home and prepared a flat white with beans
(lovingly) roasted by my Brother!

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