Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It Must Be Spring

No Alex this morning ... I better take some shots! Battery fully charged - so no excuses today!
As I arrived @ 8.05am precisely - and I remembered to sign in! ;) Carl (Mr Ape) was already in the pool powering up and down ...
On my way down the long side of the pool I spotted spring like activities.

Firstly, a neat little pile of dead leaves and an empty looking gutter

not sure how many lengths Carl had already been swimming ...
but he did manage a wave

Jonathan warming up his back with an invigorating towel rub before getting in for 2 lengths

Spring must be upon us ...
Terry is giving the railing around the fountain it's yearly lick of paint

looks like the fountain itself could also do with some TLC ...
which I'm sure it will get soon

Terry fully engrossed in his work

deep sea blue for the railing

Alfonso made an appearance and entered the pool in his customary way
before swimming 4 lengths

Not quite sure what's going on here ... :)

After my 4 lengths I swam 2 widths to wait for Carl to get back down to the shallow end
so I could take a couple of shots ...

by now he must have been in for ages .. and ages ...

and still, he simply kept swimming .. and swimming .. and swimming
32 lengths in total ...
finally Carl joined us in the sauna
and told us he was in the water (which is just above 7C today) for just under an hour!!
Funnily enough, his body didn't feel that cold - I touched it :) and even his speech was coherent :)


  1. Thanks Elizabeth. I see my stroke is going to pieces at the end. Must get some advice.

  2. No bike, no swim. Was late back last night so left my bike at work. I feel like I missed out, would've been good to see Alfonso and witness Carl's marathon swim. I'll be back on Wednesday!