Friday, 30 March 2012

"Big Carl"

Coming through the top end entrance of the Lido, I spotted an orange cap swimming towards to deep end ... but, it was an orange cap with a difference ... I noticed a different smoothness to the swimmer's style. The arm movements were very elegant, strong, poised and rhythmical ... I know that style ... it didn't take me long at all to recognise that it was no over than Channel Swimmer "Big Carl"! He must have spotted me too while taking a breath to his left because he stopped in mid stroke to wave and say "Hi, how are you?! let's catch up after the swim!"
I was in the water soon after and when I reached the end of my 6th length we were at the shallow end of the pool together - I grabbed my camera and took a few quick fun shots of Carl before announcing I was going to swim 2 more lengths. Carl was ready to get out but decided to join me for another 2 followed by a chat in the sauna.

Great to have you back Carl!

Big Carl was back this morning ...

... "feeling much the better for it!"

ducking under ...

... with a big smile

... followed by a huge air bubble!

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