Saturday, 24 March 2012

Steph's Fête

Oner can always count on SLSC /Lido members when it comes to joining in a bit of fun and a good cause!
A huge turn out for Steph's fun raising Fête and more than £800 raised !
How fantastic is that!

Pre- Fête activity - Sangeeta diving in the deep end

Sophie getting her swim in

Pre-Easter Mood

Mr Ape getting organised

Mr Ape: the Happy stall holder

Batch's Art / Trophies
forth 4 Lido Money

The (backstroke swimming) Vicar of ... the Lido
(also known as Mr.Ra)

Mr Ra and Stephanie Voss - who will be swimming the channel this July!

a piece a ...

... Kate's cake ! ... this was the "Guess the weight cake"
which Olivia won by guessing it "almost right"

stalls galore ... mostly delicious food and some fun and games stalls

Gisela's delicious fruit cake .. I had my eye on that one right from the start
but I had to get my swim in first before indulging ... it was delicious!

Margy's granddaughter

Shock, horror ... Ian had forgotten his trusted friend: "the wetsuit" ... he still
went in and enjoyed his swim!l

Martin checking a few things .. like the water temperature ... and hoping for reassurance
before contemplating ...

his next move ...

well done Martin ...
he's well on his way, now

let the REAL action begin!
first off, time to change some £££ for Lido money!
which bought you every single item on display
just depended on how many raffle tickets (one was worth 50pence) i.e "1 Lido Money" one had to pay at each stall
items started from 1 ticket (50pence) to as many as 4 tickets ( £2)

Alison and Gail had their fingers on the pulse : they were in charge of Lido money
Wendy thought up the great idea to keep the £ in Gail's safe hands and appointed Gail as Central Banker !

Olivia's collapse ...

Steph just missed to "bat the rat"

time for the egg and spoon relay race

Mandy decided to do it "backwards"

.. followed by a smooth hand over to her daughter

orange hat team ...

Lucy making it across safely for her team

Tricky, anker swimmer for his team

almost smiling ...

Olivia making it across for "mandy's team"

neck to neck right to he line

Mandy and Olivia in the next race :
Chain race - whereby the starter swims across
to pick up first one member of the team, then the next and the next - all have to be connected somehow
the first swimmer has to swim 4 times
every time it gets more difficult as there are "hanger oners"!

Tricky collecting Lucy, his first team member

now they are three ...

Struggling Tricky with 3 more team mates in tow

Almost there ... Tricky reaching for the finishing line

while Mandy had her team in tow swimming backwards

back to serious spending : the cakes -
these cup cakes were made by Claire - Love the flags!

Time for the sermon in the water

Mr Ra "the swimming vicar" gave us the idea to throw him in ...
why not ... let's see if he can walk across the water .. not quite ... yet (!)
he had to "swim" back to drier land

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